Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catch up: A bit about the kiddo

My son, Ethan was born 9/9/99. He is currently a 2nd grader at the local catholic school. He is an incredibly active kid and keeps me busy most of the time.

Picture at left: Ethan at his first communion (April 2008)

Picture at right: Ethan with "Best Buddy" Jimmy at the KU Jayhawks National Champion Welcome Home Celebration (April 2008)

Sports: Bowling, baseball and basketball! I currently coach his bowling and baseball teams, but stick to the bleachers during basketball. He is decent at basketball, but mainly I think he sticks with it because it is something to do with his buddies. He really enjoys baseball and is pretty good at it too. And then there is bowling. He LOVES it. As a non-bowler, I don't get it, but he is downright amazing with a bowling ball and loves to bowl on his youth league and in tournaments. He won his first college scholarship when he was in Kindergarten when he placed 2nd in the local scholarship tournament (the amazing part, all the other bowlers were in high school!!!). In 3 years of bowling he has taken 1st in one tournament and 2nd in two.

Animals: 1 miniature schnauzer named Buddy, crested geckos, fat-tail geckos, fish, and Holland Lop rabbits. Lots and lots of rabbits...

Picture at left: 1 week old litter of our baby bunnies (April 2008)

Other: Video games, Cub Scouts, and just being an all-around awesome kiddo!

He is the absolute JOY of my life!

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