Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Long Time No Talk

Well, once again I've been horrible about writing... things have just been so crazy lately. My hunny and I had been talking for the last several months that we were going to move to Wichita this summer, but a few weeks ago he found out that he was being promoted at work, so we have decided to stay in Lawrence and see how that goes. So we have been looking for places to live... I know I should be enjoying house hunting, but I really find it exhausting and frustrating... and it keeps taking time away from my knitting and spinning. The extra payday curse hit last week, you know, the one where every single time you have an extra pay day something big WILL go wrong. Friday evening while driving my son to his baseball game the transmission on my van gave out. So over the weekend Istarted searching for a vehicle... which has proved WAY easier than house hunting. I test drove a 2004 Buick Century over the weekend to see if I liked it or not. It's incredibly nice and I like it a LOT. But I'm scared to death, I've always just paid cash for my vehicles and have NEVER had a car payment... can you believe that... 34 and never had a car payment... ODD. I go to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. My gut keeps rolling because I'm so scared about buying this car... On the knitting front. I've finished the first Broadripple Sock and only have like 5 more rows until the heel on the 2nd sock.

I named my newest spinning project "Yumminess". Not sure why, but that was the first thing I thought of the first time I saw the bat. Yumminess is 60% Border Leicester, 24% Alp0aca, 5% Mohair, 5% Tussah Silk, 5% Icycle & Angelina Nylon Sparkle, .5% Recycled Sari Silk & .5% Silk Nibbs Purchased at: Twist Yarn Shop in Wichita, KS Blended by: Custer Cottage

So, 9 oz of that became ~ 1000 yards of this very fine fingering weight (25 wraps per inch).

I recently bought some things for my spinning from this great little Etsy shop called Exclusively by Linda Lee. First are three different sets of Portrait Silk Hankies.

Then I also got 4.5 oz batt of this great blend of Super fine Merino and Silk called Chili Peppers.
I also recently bought these great stitch markers from Marly Bird a.k.a "Yarn Thing".
Well, that's about all I can think of for now... I'm off to do some laundry and then do some more knitting before heading to bed.

Sweet Dreams All!!!


Yarn Thing said...

I love it! I am so happy that you liked the markers!!! Put them to good use ;-)


Anonymous said...

saw your comments on Ravelry. I won markers from marly too! they are really lovely.

I will enjoy keeping up with you. visit me on ravelry some time. I am adventurousEM.